About Us

Little Acorn Media is a parent company for multiple online publications of positive local or niche news, stories, and education.  The Little Acorn Media team is a group of individuals whose goal is to bring people together to share, experience and create positive connections. Little Acorn Media values and promotes communities and the positive and inspiring stories, events and places that make them up.

Currently, Little Acorn Media operates Geauga News, Lake News, and Portage News.

A few of the specific services we aim to provide are:

  • Local Display & Classified Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Current local news and events
  • Local Business Directory
  • Reputation Management - Putting Reviews to work for you!
  • Small business marketing resources to local entrepreneurs
  • Lead Generation

We are proud to have a team of wonderful local writers who provide us local stories.

The Little Acorn Media Team is:

Jean Horne - Co-Owner / Business Development

Jean has been working to help small business owners succeed for the past 20+ years.  She started as a print business owner where she provided not only full-service printing but acted as an outsourced marketing department for many of her clients. Her knowledge of offline marketing and direct mail enabled her customers to better reach their own customers and build their businesses. As times and technology changed she turned these skills to online marketing specifically geared to where her heart continues to be drawn - showing small businesses how to make more sales and profit.

It was perhaps serendipity when Jean and Gabe happened to meet at a Marketing conference in 2018. When Jean learned of Little Acorn Media, it's positive local news publications, and how they help connect the community and local businesses she knew she wanted to be a part of it.  Jean joined Rachel & Gabe as co-owner of Little Acorn Media in January 2019.

Rachel Strong

Rachel Strong - Co-Owner / Head of Operations

Rachel has been a lifelong resident of Geauga County, growing up in Middlefield and now living in Chardon. From 1999 – 2006, Rachel worked at the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office as Records Clerk and Corrections Officer and eventually subcontracted to work in the Federal Building in downtown Cleveland to assist federal agents who investigated social security fraud. She has also worked at a large local state park manor and lodge in HR and as Front Office Operations manager. In October of 2011, Rachel met Gabe Arnold and was presented with an investment opportunity in Geauga News where she could further her interest in technology and social media. She quickly took on the challenge and is currently owner of Little Acorn Media.

Gabe ArnoldGabe Arnold - Founder and Creative Director

Gabe founded his first service company at age 16, quickly mastered online advertising, and lead generation, and sold over 5 million in business before age 21. After the decline of the housing market Gabe moved into the technology world full time. He has founded a half dozen technology companies that are all in operation today.

Gabe began working on the concept of Little Acorn Media first as an idea specific to Geauga County, where he grew up, because he felt like there was no central source for information, no reliable online classifieds dedicated to our specific area, and no outlet for the positive news that was going on around us every day. He hoped that there would be a few people who would enjoy reading about all the good things that happen here in Geauga County, and hoped that there would also be a handful of folks who might be interested in creating positive things for our entire community.

As he started to spread the word about this idea of positive local news, he was surprised to find that there were many people who felt the same way as he did. By a series of very fortunate events, Gabe met Rachel Strong early on via Twitter, and she immediately dove in head first and took on as much work in the project as she possibly could. Rachel became one of our co-founders, because she chose to dedicate all the resources she had in an effort to make Geauga News a success. Gabe's mother, brothers, and sister heard about the project, and they quickly offered all their support to help make the idea come alive. Thanks to their tireless efforts and the help of all our faithful writers, Geauga News got off to a great start very quickly.

As Geauga News grew rapidly, it became apparent that other communities could also benefit from a similar central connection point that would focus on the positive events, people and news of their community. So Little Acorn Media was born as the LLC that would own and license Geauga News and all additional publications. Check out Geauga News.

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