Community Advertising Policy

We love to help promote the success of our local charitable and youth organizations. With this mission in mind, we will post a free public announcement for events that meet the following requirements.

Event must be:

1. Open to ALL public (all ages, genders, religions, etc.) with no restrictions

2. Completely FREE to the public (no ticket sales before or during the event, not requesting donations or fundraising for an event or organization)

In order for us to offer this service and conduct our regular business, we ask that you submit your press release no later than 30 days before your event with any images that you want included. This will allow us time to build your featured article. If your event is within 30 days or less, please see below for nonprofit advertising. Also, if you want to really get the word out about your event or cause after the initial announcement we can help with further advertising at the nonprofit rates below.

When sending press releases please provide the name of the event, type of event, date, location, time, and contact person. Your charitable organization should record a $150 in-kind contribution from Little Acorn Media, our parent company as advertising value to your organization.

Non-Profit Advertising

Many of our local businesses are established as nonprofits, but conduct business, sell items, provide services, and raise funds. Geauga News recognizes those efforts, and in an effort to give back we offer all non-profit organizations a 20% discount on digital banner advertising and sponsored content campaigns (2 or more posts). This is to be applied per specific event or campaign.

All charitable events or organizations that sell tickets, charge admission, or do not fit the Community Advertising description above are subject to advertising rates.

If you would like to advertise with Geauga News, contact our parent company at

Community Calendar

Non-retail, charitable activity in general can be scheduled on our community calendar for upcoming events. In addition, city government, police, schools, churches, committees, clubs, benefits, organizations and many others may make requests of Geauga News to help get information to the public. We will gladly assist in this effort as a community service. The community calendar is provided at no charge to charitable organizations.

We make every attempt to post your notices in a timely fashion, but request that you provide Community Calendar information at least two weeks prior to your event. We reserve the right to edit or refuse Community Calendar items as we deem necessary.

These messages are information, non-date specific and to the discretion of each news site.

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements are typically pre-produced general information announcements that benefit the entire community. On occasion, Geauga News will run PSAs as a courtesy to our community, or in partnership with our sponsors and affiliates.