The 2016 Little Acorn Media Demographic Report


When it comes to reaching local customers, it’s important for a small business owner to understand what demographic they are reaching. Here at Little Acorn Media we are huge proponents of buying local, and guess what? Our readers are too. We are continually researching, surveying, and talking to our customers so we can ensure that we deliver to them:

  1. Great content that keeps them coming back for more.
  2. Relevant ads so they can engage with our partner advertisers (you).
  3. Encouraging and informational content that will enrich their lives.

We track reader engagement with the following tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Facebook Insights
  3. Email marketing tracking codes

Compiled in this 2016 Little Acorn Media Demographic are statistics and data from each of those tracking tools along with additional feedback we have received one on one from readers. Please note that some percentages may not always add to an exact 100% due to some minor variance. 

1.0 Gender

Through our 2016 reader survey on our website, we found that we reach 77% women to 22% men:


Through social media on Facebook, our split is 70% women to 29% men. You’ll also see our age breakdowns on our social reach:

Social Media Gender Reach

2.0 Age

As noted in the diagram above, you can see our biggest social reach in regards to age is between 25-54, with a strong and growing presence in both the 18-24 age range and also the 55-64 age grouping.

We are reaching the adult decision makers in our local Geauga and Portage counties.

In our website reader survey, we found our biggest age groupings were from 40-65 years old (farther down in our survey we establish they are younger than 65).

Website age groups

3.0 Income

While we do allow our readers to opt out of the income question, over 75% did answer. You can see the income breakdown below:

income level

Geauga and Portage counties are full of high income families.

4.0 Education

Our reader demographic also shows over 70% that have obtained a degree or had some college.

education level

5.0 Household Size

Over 61% of our readers are in a household of 3 people or less. Our families are well educated, high earners, with relatively small households.

household size

They are also families that do not have young children in the home:

no young children in the household

Our readers are under 65 years of age:

our readers are under 65

6.0 Small Business Owners

36% of our readers have a business owner in the family, while 54% do not. Only 18% have someone in the family who owns a farm, while 73% do not:

business and farm ownership stats

7.0 Military Service

48% of our readers do not have someone in the family who has or does serve in the military, while 43% do have a family member who serves or did serve in the military:

family military service

Less than 9% of our readers have served in the military themselves:

personal military service

8.0 Religious Affiliation

63% of our readers our Christian:

religious affiliation

9.0 Employment Status

36% of our readers work full time, 23% are retired, and 14% work part time:

employment status

10.0 Marital Status

Over 66% of our readers are married:

marital status


So there you have it! Our reader demographics for 2016.

If you are not already an advertiser with Little Acorn Media and would like to learn more, please call us at (216) 654-0009 or use the form below:

Beautiful Advertising

I appreciated all of the beautiful advertising that Geauga News did for us leading up to the show and now your article gave it a nice finish. Thank you so much. If we have another bazaar next year, I will definitely use Geauga News to promote it.

God bless,

Jeanne Patellis
Aquilla Christian Fellowship
October 2013

How Two Pieces of Chicken Permanently Changed My Perception of This Fast Food Restaurant


Sometimes I think that the truth is so simple that we miss it as business owners. We want to over complicate everything in order to get out of doing the simple and hard tasks that we know we should do. Once in a great while I run into simple brilliance, and I am reminded ever so clearly that doing the right things in business don’t have to be that difficult, we just have to do them.

Just a few days ago, as I was leaving work late at night after moving a client’s site from one server to another, I decided to stop at Arby’s and get a late night snack. Since it was the weekend and I was working alone, I had taken my dog Toby to work with me. He likes to get out of the house, and I enjoy the company, so I bring him along with me sometimes. As we pulled up to the drive through window to pay for my order, the woman inside asked me if it was ok if he had a treat. I smiled and replied yes. She took my payment then proceeded to complete my order. What happened next turned out to be a very pleasant and surprising experience and reminded me that I need to provide the same experiences for my customers.

Normally, at the bank or a drive up window, Toby gets little dog bones, and he is very happy with his reward. This time it was different. As the woman leaned out to give me my order, she smiled and said, “There are two pieces of fried chicken in there for him,” and she handed me the bag. “Wow! Thank you!” I replied, and I pulled away from the window.

I was so pleasantly surprised with her kindness and the gift, that I was smiling from ear to ear. With a simple gesture, this woman had dramatically improved my perception of Arby’s as a whole. Toby sure enjoyed the chicken strips, and I will be remembering that positive experience for a long time to come. What did that cost the company? Next to nothing. But what they’ve gained is a loyal customer from that simple kindness.

I think that we could all use this lesson in our own businesses. Sometimes going above and beyond expectations doesn’t have to be difficult. We just have to do it. Anytime that you have the opportunity to wow your customers, you can gain new loyalty and show them sincere appreciation.

What’s stopping you? How will you be wowing your customers this week? Don’t hesitate to act; take action today.

Do you need help getting started? Use the contact form below and get in touch with me today.

Fill out my online form.


What Does Color Do to Your Customer?

Colors affect purchases

We all are aware that color affects our purchases, but how much does it affect it? Here are some facts about the effect of color on consumers, and some other purchasing facts:

Facts About Consumers:

  1. 85% of shoppers point to color as a primary reason they buy a particular product.
  2. Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Brand recognition links directly to consumer confidence.
  3. 42% of shoppers base their opinion of a website on the overall design alone.
  4. 52% of shoppers didn’t return to a website because of the overall aesthetic.
  5. 64% of online shoppers didn’t purchase an item(s) because the website was too slow.
  6. found that for every 100 milliseconds of load time, there was a 1% decrease in sales.
  7. 52% of consumers are more likely to enter a store if there is a sale sign in the window.
  8. 60% of consumers feel at ease and are more likely to buy a product that has the word “guaranteed” associated with it.

(Click the image to view full size)

Color purchases info

(Click the image to view full size)

Showing Results

One of the greatest challenges that I have as a business owner is to find the time to keep our website updated and to advertise the goods and services that we offer. Working with the staff at Little Acorn Media has been not only a relief, but is showing results. Rachel and Patty have helped out by taking ideas and thoughts we have and expanding them into articles or advertisements that make sense without us having to write the entire copy. We enjoy the positive working relationship and look forward to even better results in the future. Thank you to all of the staff at Little Acorn Media – you are professional and a pleasure to work with.


Winifred Hosking
Leeda Northeast, Inc and Its All Fine

July 2013

Thanks Little Acorn Media!

Little Acorn Media has been amazing to work with. Patty and staff have been nothing but helpful and positive; from researching to ad creating and their genuine desire to help promote community businesses. The advertisement that they designed and wrote was wonderful.

Thanks Little Acorn Media!

Megan Sweeney
Program Coordinator
Leeda Northeast, Inc.

June 2013

It’s All About Stories Part 2

Arlis and Gabe at the cabin

[if you missed the email, start at part 1 here]

Just like that, with some descriptive storytelling, I was able to draw you into my world and make you want to click through to see what was here.

In this picture, I am standing next to my log cabin that I built when I was 9 years old, and sitting on it with me is my son who is almost two years old now (he was a year old in this picture).

Every business has a powerful story. Everyone has something unique to share. Even though your work or story may seem mundane and boring to you, it doesn’t have to be. What you need to do is sit back, brainstorm, bring in some creative people, and start to weave a story that your customers will connect to. When they can feel the emotions you feel – the love you have for your work, your product, your service – then they can feel more comfortable buying from you.

Storytelling might not be your first skill, but it is something that you can develop. It is something that I can help you with.

Have you taken advantage of the free hour I offered you at the conference yet? Do you need one more hour? Please reach out and let me know how I can help you tell powerful stories to your customers.

Gabe Arnold


Contact Us

It’s All About Stories


The undergrowth is thick, and as I step onto the soft green moss, I hear a rabbit scampering off. The birds are chirping, singing their joyous songs of spring, and as I walk towards the clearing, I am able to start making out the shapes of what appears to be a large structure. The fog is still a little thick since it rained hard last night with thunderstorms, but now it’s starting to warm up as the mist and heat begins to leave the forest floor.

Finally, I get to the top of the gentle slope I am climbing, and there it it is. I can’t believe it’s still here. Can you believe it?

Click here to see what I saw and see why I sent you this.

Exceeded My Expectations

Little Acorn Media has exceeded my expectations from the start. The sales, management, writers and designing teams are very knowledgeable, friendly, and have gone beyond what is requested of them. The stories are well written and engaging; the social media interaction they have shown our business has been exceptional and the ad design is exactly what I have requested. So far, the data they have provided is proving to be worth our investment. They are proving to be a great online marketing avenue.

Thank you,

Scott Schaden
End of the Commons General Store

May 2013

Easy and Affordable

Advertising with Geauga News has been an asset to our business. They have been very helpful in creating ads, writing and designing our feature articles, and very knowledgeable in internet advertising ideas. As a small business who has done very little internet advertising, working with Geauga News has been an easy and affordable way to step into that arena, specifically directed at our target market. I appreciate their very capable assistance over the last year or so working with them.

Geri Watson

Watson’s 87 Furniture

May 2013