How Two Pieces of Chicken Permanently Changed My Perception of This Fast Food Restaurant

Sometimes I think that the truth is so simple that we miss it as business owners. We want to over complicate everything in order to get out of doing the simple and hard tasks that we know we should do. Once in a great while I run into simple brilliance, and I am reminded ever so clearly that doing the right things in business don’t have to be that difficult, we just have to do them.

Just a few days ago, as I was leaving work late at night after moving a client’s site from one server to another, I decided to stop at Arby’s and get a late night snack. Since it was the weekend and I was working alone, I had taken my dog Toby to work with me. He likes to get out of the house, and I enjoy the company, so I bring him along with me sometimes. As we pulled up to the drive through window to pay for my order, the woman inside asked me if it was ok if he had a treat. I smiled and replied yes. She took my payment then proceeded to complete my order. What happened next turned out to be a very pleasant and surprising experience and reminded me that I need to provide the same experiences for my customers.

Normally, at the bank or a drive up window, Toby gets little dog bones, and he is very happy with his reward. This time it was different. As the woman leaned out to give me my order, she smiled and said, “There are two pieces of fried chicken in there for him,” and she handed me the bag. “Wow! Thank you!” I replied, and I pulled away from the window.

I was so pleasantly surprised with her kindness and the gift, that I was smiling from ear to ear. With a simple gesture, this woman had dramatically improved my perception of Arby’s as a whole. Toby sure enjoyed the chicken strips, and I will be remembering that positive experience for a long time to come. What did that cost the company? Next to nothing. But what they’ve gained is a loyal customer from that simple kindness.

I think that we could all use this lesson in our own businesses. Sometimes going above and beyond expectations doesn’t have to be difficult. We just have to do it. Anytime that you have the opportunity to wow your customers, you can gain new loyalty and show them sincere appreciation.

What’s stopping you? How will you be wowing your customers this week? Don’t hesitate to act; take action today.

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