It’s All About Stories Part 2

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Just like that, with some descriptive storytelling, I was able to draw you into my world and make you want to click through to see what was here.

In this picture, I am standing next to my log cabin that I built when I was 9 years old, and sitting on it with me is my son who is almost two years old now (he was a year old in this picture).

Every business has a powerful story. Everyone has something unique to share. Even though your work or story may seem mundane and boring to you, it doesn’t have to be. What you need to do is sit back, brainstorm, bring in some creative people, and start to weave a story that your customers will connect to. When they can feel the emotions you feel – the love you have for your work, your product, your service – then they can feel more comfortable buying from you.

Storytelling might not be your first skill, but it is something that you can develop. It is something that I can help you with.

Have you taken advantage of the free hour I offered you at the conference yet? Do you need one more hour? Please reach out and let me know how I can help you tell powerful stories to your customers.

Gabe Arnold


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