The 2016 Little Acorn Media Demographic Report

When it comes to reaching local customers, it’s important for a small business owner to understand what demographic they are reaching. Here at Little Acorn Media we are huge proponents of buying local, and guess what? Our readers are too. We are continually researching, surveying, and talking to our customers so we can ensure that we deliver to them:

  1. Great content that keeps them coming back for more.
  2. Relevant ads so they can engage with our partner advertisers (you).
  3. Encouraging and informational content that will enrich their lives.

We track reader engagement with the following tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Facebook Insights
  3. Email marketing tracking codes

Compiled in this 2016 Little Acorn Media Demographic are statistics and data from each of those tracking tools along with additional feedback we have received one on one from readers. Please note that some percentages may not always add to an exact 100% due to some minor variance. 

1.0 Gender

Through our 2016 reader survey on our website, we found that we reach 77% women to 22% men:


Through social media on Facebook, our split is 70% women to 29% men. You’ll also see our age breakdowns on our social reach:

Social Media Gender Reach

2.0 Age

As noted in the diagram above, you can see our biggest social reach in regards to age is between 25-54, with a strong and growing presence in both the 18-24 age range and also the 55-64 age grouping.

We are reaching the adult decision makers in our local Geauga and Portage counties.

In our website reader survey, we found our biggest age groupings were from 40-65 years old (farther down in our survey we establish they are younger than 65).

Website age groups

3.0 Income

While we do allow our readers to opt out of the income question, over 75% did answer. You can see the income breakdown below:

income level

Geauga and Portage counties are full of high income families.

4.0 Education

Our reader demographic also shows over 70% that have obtained a degree or had some college.

education level

5.0 Household Size

Over 61% of our readers are in a household of 3 people or less. Our families are well educated, high earners, with relatively small households.

household size

They are also families that do not have young children in the home:

no young children in the household

Our readers are under 65 years of age:

our readers are under 65

6.0 Small Business Owners

36% of our readers have a business owner in the family, while 54% do not. Only 18% have someone in the family who owns a farm, while 73% do not:

business and farm ownership stats

7.0 Military Service

48% of our readers do not have someone in the family who has or does serve in the military, while 43% do have a family member who serves or did serve in the military:

family military service

Less than 9% of our readers have served in the military themselves:

personal military service

8.0 Religious Affiliation

63% of our readers our Christian:

religious affiliation

9.0 Employment Status

36% of our readers work full time, 23% are retired, and 14% work part time:

employment status

10.0 Marital Status

Over 66% of our readers are married:

marital status


So there you have it! Our reader demographics for 2016.

If you are not already an advertiser with Little Acorn Media and would like to learn more, please call us at (216) 654-0009 or use the form below:

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