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Digital Marketing Services

Website Design & Development

"Pretty Website" but no Results?

We design websites to bring in leads and generate sales, customers and PROFIT. If it's not doing this it's an expense NOT an investment. Unfortunately many businesses have this type of site hidden on the internet never to be found by prospective customers.

Increasing your ROI is our #1 Priority.

Our designs are:

  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Engage visitors and ask them to take the next step.
  • ttractive, easy to navigate.
  • Optimized to be found (additional SEO available)
  • Facilitate lead conversion

Search Engine Optimization

What sounds better?

Pushing expensive ads out to disinterested people OR

Setting up your business so that people who are actively searching for YOUR products or services are directed right to your website? Obviously the second.

SEO is what gets those prospective customers to your site (and if done right) before they reach your competition's site.

Local SEO starts with your Google My Business Page and your NAP Listings. This is the foundation we build upon and increase organic rankings for specific keywords from there. Its one of the slower methods, but it builds YOUR digital asset. The more you improve your websites SEO, the less you will need to spend on advertising.

We can show you the steps to easily build your digital asset through SEO.

Reputation Management

Reviews matter. A lot.

Consumers have choices and they quickly narrow them down by checking out reviews.

First glance goes to the overall rating. A medium or low rating often immediately gets passed over. A rating over 4 warrants more investigation. Your business will quickly be evaluated based on the rating, the recency and volume of your reviews.

Will your business make the first cut? Will it get the deeper look? Will you be left on the chopping block, get the call or win the day? The quality of your reviews will definitely affect the outcome and therefore your bottom line.

We all know reviews are important because we use them ourselves. Businesses don't collect them for some very simple reasons:

They have no automated process to collect reviews

It feels awkward to the employees and the customers.

It takes too much time to implement and follow through.

Our automated review solution eliminates these barriers to review collection and will quickly be making positive short and long term impact to your bottom line.

Email & SMS Marketing

The money is in the list.

Every business should be building their email and SMS contact lists to market to at very little additional expense. The investment in this asset lowers marketing costs in both customer acquisition and retention. And...if you ever decide to sell your business you'll find out just how valuable your list is.

We, of course, want you to realize how valuable it is by growing it and putting it to good use now.

Our automated campaigns nurture the customers & prospects along a journey to the sale of your product or service they are most interested in. We educate them on your offering, how it will benefit them, and help them to make the decision to move forward. While we send out mass amounts of emails this is not a bunch of junk email sent out in a shotgun approach, but targeted to the interests of the prospective buyer and how they interact with the messages received.

In recent years SMS messaging has exploded. Response rates are phenomenal and we are taking advantage of that to great success. SMS messaging is one of the best ways to reactivate your database with no ad expense.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising (Facebook and PPC) targets your best customers - those in your service area that are looking for exactly what you are offering. Spend time speaking with your best prospects.

You can find the exact match, expand into a larger geographic area, or narrow your target market to those in need of your most profitable products or services.

We continue to remarket to those who have shown interest, reducing lead cost and improving ROI.

The beauty of paid advertising is that it is so powerful. Unlike other important, but slower methods like SEO paid ads can be turned on like a faucet.

The flow of leads can be of such a volume that a business needs to prepare ahead of time and have systems in place for this increased flow. Our automated follow up will be part of the overall system.

Social Media Marketing

Social media allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience in a very interactive way. We use a variety of social media platforms to help our clients connect with their audience, to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue.

As with every marketing effort Social Media can be built upon to amplify other efforts. For instance we build a client's Facebook audience and then advertise directly to this high interest audience.

Done incorrectly Social Media can be a very expensive waste of time with little return. Done correctly it can be a very important part of the overall marketing strategy.

Let us show you how to make Social Media work for your business.

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