Physical Billboard

Although we are primarily concerned with digital traffic to our news sites and your advertisements on them we do have one physical billboard with lot’s of traffic and visibility for your business.

It's perfect for the "virtual" or service business that needs more visibility in the community or to extend your brick and mortar business "real estate" and visibility.

Location, location, location applies here. Your business will be seen at this location at:

14480 Old State Rd. (OH-608) between the Cheese shop at the corner of Nauvoo and Mary Yoder’s.

South side of Billboard, visible traveling North, leaving Middlefield

North side of Billboard - visible traveling South towards Middlefield

Billboard Rental Pricing

Monthly (pricing depends on length of rental)

6 month term: $225/month with one pay of $1350


12 month term: $150/month with one pay of $1800

Extended pay plans are available as follows:

6 month term paid in two payments of $725, first due at order, second due in 30 days

12 month term paid in two payments of $950, first due at order, second due in 30 days


12 month term paid in three payments:

First payment of $725 due at order

Second payment of $725 due in 30 days

Final Payment of $500 due in 60 days

If it's in your budget to do so we encourage longer periods of time not only because of the significant monthly savings but because the more often people see it the sign becomes an extension of your business and a local landmark - i.e. "Go past the YOUR BUSINESS NAME sign ...."

675 Alpha Dr., Suite E

Highland Heights, OH 44143

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