Physical Billboard

Although we are primarily concerned with digital traffic to our websites and your advertisements we do have one physical billboard with lot’s of traffic and visibility for your business. Perfect for the "virtual" or service business that needs more visibility in the community and of course, for brick mortar businesses who want more visibility.

Location, location, location applies here. Your business will be seen at this location at:

14408 Old State Rd. (OH-608) between the Cheese shop at the corner of Nauvoo and Mary Yoder’s. It’s exact coordinates are: 41.476197, -81.078126

Physical Billboard Pricing

Includes one 6′ x 10′ full color sign installed per year. Basic Graphics included. Special graphics by quotation.

Additional Sign including remove & replace $500.

Remove & Replace only (concurrently) $150.

If you would like to extend the run period to obtain greater savings while still making installments this can be done at next payment due and will be prorated.

Example 1: If at the end of 3 months you would like to extend the time to yearly run period $1500 would be applied to yearly term. Balance of $2700 can either be paid in 3 installments of $900 or save 10% with one payment of $2430. Year ends 12 months from original start date.

Example 2: If in a 6 month run period and 2 months and 2 installments have gone by and you would like to extend to yearly $1600 will be applied to remaining term. Balance of $2600 can either be paid in 3 installments of $867 or save 10% with one payment of $2340.

Late Payments: If payment not received within 10 Day Grace period sign will be removed. Sign will be reinstalled with original payment due plus additional $200 installation charge (due to two separate trips required.) Original run period remains.

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